Do I Need a Lawyer After a Car Accident in California?

Victims in an accident that results in a serious injury may benefit from having a skilled car accident lawyer on their side. If an accident only involves car damage and/or minor injuries, a lawyer may not be needed.

Even a minor collision can leave you out of sorts and with a lot of questions about who should be footing the bill for crumpled car doors and ambulance response. After a fender bender on a Fullerton road, it might be safe to trust a car insurance company to provide what’s fair to victims. However, if a serious injury or disputed blame are factors, insurance adjusters can sometimes be very unfair and even deceitful.

In these cases, a Fullerton car accident lawyer is the best defense when a car insurer tries to pin the blame on an innocent victim.

A Free Consultation for Fullerton Traffic Accident Victims

Victims in California accidents caused by reckless drivers shouldn’t have to worry about how they’ll get their hospital bills and car repairs paid for. There’s a simple and free way to get a case review from a real Fullerton personal injury lawyer.

GK Legal offers free case consultations to all victims in a meeting that comes with no obligation. We will be upfront with you about whether you need a car accident lawyer to maximize your claim or if you are better off handling your particular case on your own.

Contact GK Legal of Fullerton to receive a free case consultation and find out what your car accident claim is really worth. We live and work right here in Fullerton. We will be happy to go over the details of your case with you on the phone or in person at our office on N Harbor Boulevard.

When Can I Benefit from Having a Car Accident Lawyer?

A Fullerton Car Accident Lawyer is your defense against the many tactics insurance companies use to limit the support they have to pay out. The higher the bills go the more car insurance adjusters like to drag their feet and withhold support from victims.

The tricks can include insurance adjusters who look for ways to shift blame from their drivers to the victims who were hurt. They might also try to send over a quick “lowball” settlement offer that doesn’t fully cover the victim’s hospital care. They hope a victim without the benefit of a legal representative will be desperate enough to accept anything. Your lawyer will help you reject those offers and demand more for you and your family.

Your Fullerton Car Accident Lawyer gathers evidence in your favor and makes sure a car insurance company can’t escape accepting full responsibility.

These and other damages will be clearly listed in the car accident claim that’s sent to insurance providers:

  • Totals on hospital bills now and estimates on the cost of care needed in the future.
  • Totals on lost income while a victim is away from work.
  • Support for the physical pain and emotional trauma victims suffer.
  • Money for car repairs or a replacement car.

There are many other elements of your recovery that could be eligible for compensation. Your auto accident lawyer will be demanding full coverage for all of them.

When Should I Skip a Call to a Car Accident Attorney?

A less serious traffic accident resulting in only car damage is a common outcome. In these minor cases, victims usually won’t need a lawyer to get fair treatment.

Victims can go through their own car insurance company or an at-fault driver’s insurer to get bodywork done, a new paint job, or get part replacements. If a car is totaled, victims should be able to get fair value for the vehicle that’s been lost to find a replacement. The process has been streamlined by most car insurance companies.

Car insurance companies will have their own preferred body shops and will usually pay what a body shop says it’ll take to fix a car. These repair and replacement transactions play out every day across California, and the outcomes don’t change by much. A car accident lawyer probably can’t do much to increase the money you receive.

It’s the same idea for accidents that involve minor injuries like bruising and soreness. An ambulance may not respond to the scene if you decline medical attention. As long as injuries fade away in a day or two, victims often ignore their symptoms and don’t have grounds to collect money for medical care.

In some cases, a minor injury victim will be transported to the hospital as a precaution. A car insurance company will usually pay ambulance fees and emergency room bills in this case without a lot of resistance.

What to Do After a Car Accident to Secure Evidence of What Really Happened

Whether you end up handling your car accident claim yourself or you turn over your case to your lawyer, the more evidence you have on your side, the better. The best evidence is usually found at the scene of the accident.

Right after a collision, you should see to the safety of everyone in your car and the other people involved. You must call 911 immediately to report what happened. Request an ambulance if you feel any pain at all. Go to the hospital if necessary.

Then, once the scene is secure, you’ll want to collect some strong evidence of what happened before it gets cleaned up and towed away.

If you are left physically strong enough, try to gather these details on the scene:

  • Take photos. Show the damage to vehicles and any street signs and lane markings that pertain to the case. Take photos of any visible wounds and any damage to clothing.
  • Give a full report to Fullerton Police Officers or the California Highway Patrol about what you saw. Include any details you noticed, like if the other driver was on a cell phone or was speeding.
  • Talk to any witnesses. Get their contact information to turn over to your Fullerton Car Accident Lawyer.
  • Exchange information with the other drivers. Avoid making comments about who was at fault or how bad your injuries are. Insurance companies can twist these statements and use them against you later.
  • Keep any damaged clothing and personal items. Don’t throw evidence out.
  • Contact your own car insurance provider and tell them what happened.


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