Trip-and-Fall Injuries at Target in Fullerton CA

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Slip-and-Fall Hazards at Fullerton Targets

Target is one of the largest retailers in the world. The corporation has a lot of experience in keeping customers happy and keeping them safe. But Target and its employees can make mistakes and put you or a family member in danger.

The chain is legally obligated to keep you safe and secure as you walk into any location and as you roam the aisles. California law requires a “duty of care” that’s shown to customers to protect them from hazards such as slippery spots on floors and tripping hazards.

Managers and other Target Team Members are supposed to monitor for the hazards other employees create and for hazards left behind by the general public. When an obstacle on an aisle or in the parking lot gets ignored and you are sent to the ground to suffer a broken bone, you are within your rights to file an injury claim. You can even sue Target if necessary to get financial help with recovery.

Painful trip-and-fall injuries are much more common than you think. They are caused by these and other frequently found safety risks on Target aisles.

Inside Target:

  • Aisle hazards like shattered jars and spilled fountain drinks can cause you to lose your footing. Empty boxes and displays can also be tripping hazards. You may land on the ground to suffer a painful broken bone.
  • Produce and Dairy Case Spills. Produce sections might have water puddles hiding around every corner. Milk and other beverages can leak out onto the floors around the dairy section. Refrigerator and freezer units might also leak out fluids.
  • Rain tracked in from outside can pool up at the entrances. Target shoppers can go sliding down to the shiny tile to suffer a traumatic injury. Mops should be in full use and wet floor signs must be out.
  • Bathroom floors are very slippery places. Water from a sink, soap oozing from a dispenser, and leakage from a toilet can all be enough to make walking treacherous.

Outside Target:

  • Parking Lot Potholes are Target’s responsibility. These giant holes can open up and grab your foot, sending you falling forward onto your hands, your face, or your knees.
  • Sidewalk and Curb maintenance issues. Broken cement and crumbling stairs or curbs might trip you up for a hard fall. Store operators have usually had plenty of time to fix these known dangers before someone finally gets hurt.
  • Landscaping hazards come in the form of raised beds, loose mulch, and bushes that block your way. Landscaping crews might also leave out equipment or debris that could send you into a trip-and-fall accident.

Holding a Fullerton Target Liable for a Slip-And-Fall Hazard

The risks mentioned above are present each day at the Fullerton Target locations on Orangethorpe Avenue, Malvern Avenue, and Yorba Linda Boulevard.

Target has plenty of money to see that people hurt on its properties get support as they recover. Unfortunately, securing what’s fair will be harder than you think.

Target is a retail giant with enough profits to afford a team of lawyers. These lawyers will be picking apart your case and looking for reasons to deny your claim. They will find ways to unfairly blame you for your accident. They will also use their own doctors to attempt to show that your injury isn’t as bad as you claim it is.

These are all weak arguments that are easily disproven by strong evidence. But without a skilled Fullerton Slip-and-Fall Lawyer on your side, you might be talked into signing off on a “lowball settlement offer” or into accepting nothing at all. Your lawyer is your defense when Target looks to point the finger of blame at you to protect its profits.

Common Slip-And-Fall Accident Injuries at Target

Building a strong case, backed by solid evidence is crucial to holding Target fully accountable. You’ll want to quickly get photos of the obstacle that sent you to the ground before it is cleaned up. If you are left strong enough, try to talk to witnesses and get their contact information.

This proof and testimony will be vital later, especially if your injury turns out to have a debilitating effect on your family life and work life in the months ahead.

A fall forward or backward can break bones and cause painful sprains. Hitting your head on the way down leaves you susceptible to head trauma.

These are just a few of the traumatic injuries you might suffer in a fall at Target:

  • Broken Wrists, Hands, and Arms – Trip-and-Fall victims can try to cushion a fall by throwing their hands out. Fingers, wrists, and elbows might suffer fractures. Fingers and shoulders might also be dislocated.
  • Hip Injuries – Victims, especially senior adults, can damage one of the bones in the hip joint and experience long-term mobility problems and chronic pain.
  • Knee Cap Fractures – A trip-and-fall could send someone down on cement to place their full weight on the knee joint. Victims might suffer other complications resulting from the time they are bedridden as a knee heals.
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) – Victims suffer head trauma when hitting the floor or when striking something on the way down. A TBI might cause memory loss, and seizures, and leave someone with a concussion.
  • Facial Fractures – Victims may fall directly on their faces, injuring noses, and enduring permanent scarring. Victims might break their jaws or injure an eye socket.
  • Dental Injury – Victims who hit the floor with their chins or the side of their faces risk losing teeth and suffering a punctured lip.

What Kinds of Things Will Earn Compensation in a Target Slip-And-Fall Settlement

When submitting an injury claim to Target’s commercial liability insurance provider, your slip-and-fall lawyer will be including a list of every hardship you and your family have been through.

This list will include your hospital bills, but many victims don’t realize that they should be demanding compensation for much more:

  • Compensation to pay current and future medical bills.
  • Lifelong support for a permanent disability or a permanent disfigurement.
  • Support for the physical pain and emotional trauma slip-and-fall victims endure.
  • Support for the loss of enjoyment of life due to an injury.
  • Travel costs to make it to medical appointments while victims are unable to drive. Travel to see out-of-area physicians and specialists.
  • All income and benefits lost while in recovery as victims are unable to work.

Family members who lose a loved one after a slip-and-fall accident may file a wrongful death claim against Target. Victims who are rendered immobile by a broken leg, or a hip injury, sometimes develop life-threatening complications while they are bedridden or must avoid physical activity.

Some victims don’t survive and their families should receive money to help pay for a proper funeral and to cover leftover medical bills. A wrongful death claim also seeks to protect close relatives, like a spouse or children, in the future. A Fullerton wrongful death lawyer would demand help in replacing the income the victim can no longer provide to family members each week.

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