Trip and Fall Injuries at Walmart in Fullerton CA

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Fullerton Walmart Slip-And-Fall Accident Hazards

Many of us run into a Fullerton area Walmart so many times in a week, we can lose count of how many trips we’ve made.

It’s a convenient and affordable place to pick up groceries, school supplies, and other essentials. But in our rush to get in and out, we can ignore the many accident hazards that such a busy place presents.

Walmart sees crowds of shoppers from open until close and adults and their children can drop slip-and-fall hazards at any moment. You could slip on some spilled juice and fall to the floor to break a wrist. Dark clouds can also bring rain that gets tracked into a store, taking your feet out from under you to cause a painful hip fracture.

These are just a few of the dangers you could encounter on your next trip to Walmart:

  • Aisle Hazards – Many shoppers don’t get far without a coffee or a soda in their hands. Those liquids often find their way to the floor and sit there until you walk up unaware and take a hard tumble backward. Dropped spaghetti sauce jars and other merchandise might also end up in your path. You can catch your foot on a box left where a stocker has been working. You might trip and fall forward right on your kneecap.
  • Produce Section Hazards – Water from hoses and misters form puddles on the tile to create a hard-to-miss slick spot. Fruit and lettuce could also end up in your way. It’s Walmart’s legal responsibility to give customers a safe path through every department.
  • Bathroom Hazards – The bathroom tile must be mopped regularly because a mix of soap and water on the floor forms a slimy and very slick surface.
  • Parking Lot Hazards – Potholes and eroding sidewalks and steps must be repaired before someone comes along and trips. Landscaping must also be well maintained so mulch, roots, and bushes can’t snag someone’s foot and send them down to suffer lacerations to the face or a fractured ankle bone.
  • Falling Merchandise – Beyond slick floors, people can also get hurt by what’s on a shelf or what’s overhead. Shoppers shouldn’t be put at risk of something falling on their heads or their feet and causing head trauma or a broken bone.

Walmart is a giant corporation that has many corporate lawyers ready when an injury claim comes in. If you seek help with your medical bills after suffering a painful injury on a shopping trip, you will probably have to face off against these lawyers. They get paid to downplay your injury and find ways to blame you for what happened. Your Fullerton Slip-And-Fall Lawyer is a safeguard against this unfair behavior and is your key to forcing Walmart to provide fair compensation.

Who Is Responsible After a Trip-And-Fall at Walmart?

Accidents on someone else’s property or at a business are covered by premises liability law. It means that if you are hurt due to the negligence of a Walmart manager or employee, you can hold them liable for your hospital bills and other hardships in recovery.

California law holds Walmart and other chains to a legal “duty of care.” This means they must provide a safe journey for visitors from their parking lots all the way to the back aisle. They must repair or remove any hazards Walmart employees create, such as exposed wiring, heavy items stacked too high, and aisle clutter.

They are also responsible for monitoring for hazards that their customers create. They must routinely inspect aisles for dangers. If a child spills candy across an aisle, Walmart’s team members must spot and remove the obstacle in a reasonable amount of time. If they don’t, and you fall on your face and suffer cuts and a broken nose, you may file an injury claim.

Walmart and Insurance Adjuster Tactics After a Slip-And-Fall

When injuries are serious, and your hospital bills start to grow, Walmart will be less and less willing to take responsibility for their carelessness. They’ll trust their corporate lawyers and their commercial liability insurance providers to find ways to shift blame for a fall to you.

Lawyers can claim that you weren’t watching where you were going, and that’s why you fell. They could claim that your shoes were old and blame the fall on your worn traction. They will find ways to downplay the seriousness of your injury. Walmart’s legal team could offer you only enough to pay for one trip to the emergency room when your medical costs in the months ahead will be much more.

Your Fullerton Walmart Slip-And-Fall Lawyer would fully investigate your case and collect all evidence available. You’d have a strong claim to file with Walmart, making it hard for them to find a way to reject your claim.

Compensation Available for Fullerton Walmart Slip-And-Fall Victims

One important step in the claims process is making sure you submit a complete list of every hardship you and your family have endured during your recovery. Anything omitted from this list won’t help you increase the amount you’ll see on a slip-and-fall settlement check.

Your slip-and-fall attorney makes sure every damage you’ve suffered is included. A skilled attorney will also be asking for compensation for things you may not have known could earn you additional support.

These and other factors should all be considered when determining the size of a Walmart injury settlement:

  • Support to pay your current medical bills and estimates on the care you could need in the years ahead.
  • Lifelong support for a permanent disability. This can include money for home care and money to support your family when your injury won’t allow you to work and earn a paycheck.
  • Compensation for the physical pain endured in the injury and during recovery. Victims could also suffer chronic pain and arthritis.
  • Compensation for the emotional trauma a fall and a serious injury can cause. This includes the cost of getting help for anxiety and depression during a difficult recovery. You may also seek support for your loss of enjoyment of life due to an injury.
  • Travel costs to make it to medical appointments while you are unable to drive. The costs may be enormous if you are in a wheelchair or cast. Travel to see out-of-area physicians and specialists.
  • Reimbursement for lost paychecks and benefits for as long as you are out of work.
  • Benefits for family members through a wrongful death claim if a loved one eventually dies from complications from a slip-and-fall accident. Some older fall victims suffer additional complications after being left immobile while a broken bone heals. When a victim is tragically lost, family members can ask for help in paying for funeral costs and medical bills. The guidance and income the victim can no longer provide to the family should also be compensated.

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